Report Cards and Kindness

My son came home with his first grade report card last week, and I am thrilled. He loves school, and his grades demonstrate just how hard he works.

I was, of course, interested to see how he is doing in math, language arts, science, and social studies, but I am most proud of the tiny plus signs indicating that he exceeds expectations in the following:  Demonstrates respect with words and actions, Accepts responsibility for behavior, and Willing to try new ideas/skills.

20171114_221009In a way I feel that these are my grades. I’m on my way to raising a good human, and here is my proof.

I wrote about his grades on his kindergarten report card last year in an article recently published on Parent CoThe Most Important Grade on the Kindergarten Report Card.

I was very excited to have this one published because in the essay I try to relay something I think cannot be stated enough:  kindness matters.

What grades were you most happy to see on your kids’ report cards?


Sunday Night Adventures

river 2Some Sunday evenings you abandon the healthy dinner you planned and the back-to-school routine you recently established. You ignore your anxiety about having outfits picked out the night before and lunches packed in the fridge ready to go. Instead, you simply watch your children play. You breath and listen and don’t think of the week ahead. You only think of this one beautiful moment unfolding right in front of you . You close your eyes and promise you will do this more often.Read More »

A Letter to My Children’s Teachers

backtoschool.jpgDear Teachers, My kids are so excited to start school this year. Really! My daughter wore her book bag around the house for a week prior to her first day of kindergarten.  And my son? Months before entering first grade he started planning the lunches he wanted to put in his new dinosaur lunch box.  And the fact that he will have recess this year? Words just cannot express his feelings. Read More »

Adventures in Pine Grove Furnace State Park

pinegrove1My daughter cannot manage to walk up the hill from the bus stop without whining, taking a break, groaning loudly, or just altogether stopping and refusing to go farther.

However, place her in the woods on a hot and humid summer afternoon (after five miles of bike riding!) and make her a hike a rocky trail with a steep incline and a pack of mosquitos hot on her tail, she is good to go.

Children are confusing.Read More »

5 Things I Learned in the Everglades

everglades4Recently, my family and I traveled to Florida for ten days. We spent the majority of our time lounging on the beach but managed to squeeze in some adventuring, as well. One of the highlights of our trip was a fifteen mile tram ride through Everglades National Park in Shark Valley. On our ride, we saw a variety of birds, alligators, snakes, and turtles. And, a lot of mosquitoes!  Part of the journey included climbing up a 65-foot observation tower for a birds-eye view of the “River of Grass.” It was stunning.Read More »