A Good Day for a Cup of Tea

4 generations
My great-grandmother, grandmother, mother, and me:  Spring 1979

Sixteen years after her death, I still miss my mother every day. So many of my memories of her involve a cup of tea. Her View From Home (a fun site with lots of good reads!) recently published my essay Tea With My Mother about this. Check it out if you get a chance. And if you like it, or it moves you, comment or share it!


tea three

I’m also curious, what are items that you associate with ones you have lost?   Besides tea cups and my mom, I always think about my PopPop when I make scrambled eggs. He made the BEST scrambled eggs ever. I never come close to replicating them, but I just made some scrambled eggs for my son and smiled when I thought of him.

I’m sure you have some touching stories to share, and I would love to hear them. Comment below!

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7 thoughts on “A Good Day for a Cup of Tea

  1. It brought a lot of memories to me. It also reminded me to take my teacups that my mother-in-law gave me for a tea party I had with love from her to take them and use them every day not keep them away.
    Remembeing a lot.
    You have a wonderful way with words and telling a story . It bribgs up
    Many things, Thank You

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  2. Beautiful 4 generation photo you shared. ❤.

    I associate angels with my mom because she collected them and basically anything blue because it was her favorite color and any jewelry that is gaudy or flashy.

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