Sacrificing Animals to the T-Rex

sawyer bech dinos.jpg
The other day I observed my five-year-old son gather all of his stuffed animals and take them by armload down the stairs. After his third trip, he stopped in front of me.  “You know what I’m doing, Mom?” he asked with excitement in his eyes.  “I’m getting animals for the T-Rex. He needs meat!”

Unsure of how to respond, I replied with a vague, “Oh.”

He put his small hand on my cheek as if to comfort me. “Not human meat, Mom. Animal meat. And, it’s just a baby T-Rex.”  And then he rushed off to sacrifice more of his animals to his T-Rex.


There has been a shift in pretend play lately.  A bit more violence and a bit more reality now creep into the games he plays. It leaves me feeling somewhat sad. My son is leaving the simple pretend games of animal parades and wooden trains, and immersing himself into the world of sword fights and dinosaur battles.  As he gets older and starts to realize more about the world around him, things like death …

To read more, please click the following link:  My Boy of Endless Questions.

I am so excited to have this essay on Her View From Home, and I would love if you left a comment … What kind of questions from your kids give you pause? What do you hate having to explain to your children? What moment made you realize your child was growing up?

Thanks for reading and have a fantastic day!



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