Watching the Olympics with Your Children: Fun and Educational

I have always loved to watch the Olympics. There is just something so exciting about watching an event that only occurs every four years and features the best athletes in the world.

This year I will get to share the excitement of the summer Olympics with my own kids (4 and 6) for the first time.  I’ve already started to get them excited by coloring in flags of various countries to make a banner to hang in our living room during the Games.


Watching the Olympics with your children is a fun way to bond while also teaching them a great deal. Check out my article on where I discuss some of the benefits of watching the Olympics with your kids. Here is the link:  6 Reasons to Get Excited About Watching the Olympics with Kids.Read More »

A Mother’s Comfort


A faded purple comforter with raggedy edges can often be found crumpled in the corner of our family room sofa.  Upon investigation, there is nothing overtly special about this blanket. In fact, the general wear and tear on it would suggest that it is a blanket that one should strongly consider getting rid of.  It was never of high quality to begin with; I’m sure my mother picked it up at Walmart or Kmart in one of those bed-in-a-bag deals.Read More »

Eating Out with the Kids: More Chicken Strips, Please!


We just got back from a three day stay in Pittsburgh. I could write a lovely travel post about all of the fun, family-friendly activities we did – Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Point State Park, PNC Park for a Pirates game, and a river boat ride!

Or, I could write about how despite our fun-filled itinerary, the kids complained their way through most of the Steel City, and by the third night I was done being patient and did a lot of yelling.Read More »