Watching the Olympics with Your Children: Fun and Educational

I have always loved to watch the Olympics. There is just something so exciting about watching an event that only occurs every four years and features the best athletes in the world.

This year I will get to share the excitement of the summer Olympics with my own kids (4 and 6) for the first time.  I’ve already started to get them excited by coloring in flags of various countries to make a banner to hang in our living room during the Games.


Watching the Olympics with your children is a fun way to bond while also teaching them a great deal. Check out my article on where I discuss some of the benefits of watching the Olympics with your kids. Here is the link:  6 Reasons to Get Excited About Watching the Olympics with Kids.

In the article, I include some activities I plan to do with the kids. Here are a few other ideas I intend to do to make the Olympics even more exciting:

  • Make a chart to keep track of how many medals the United States wins.
  • Make some Olympic rings. Check out this easy pipe cleaner version I found on Pinterest: Easy Olympics Craft for Toddlers and Preschoolers
  • Play our own version of Olympic games. Maybe try some timed races around the house, or diving (more like jumping) competitions in our pool. And, I’m sure there will be some type of wild gymnastics going on in the living room. Anything to keep them moving during commercial breaks!
  • Make our own American flags. I like the idea on this site:  Simple American Flag Craft for Kids

Any one out there have any other ideas to make the Olympics fun for young kids? Share below. I would love to try some new ones!

I will be posting any Olympic themed craft or activity we do on Instagram. Follow along! OneMileSmileBlog

As always, thanks for reading!

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20 thoughts on “Watching the Olympics with Your Children: Fun and Educational

  1. When my kids were young we would watch all the time. My daughters were inspired to be better swimmers because of Michael Phelps and love the facts they learned about different cultures.

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  2. This is a great activity! I honestly forgot about the summer Olympics this year, and then I saw the advertisements for it. When I was younger, I used to love watching the Olympics and dream I was an athlete in the games. Figure skating for winter Olympics was my favorite. And gymnastics for summer Olympics was my favorite sport. I like the flag color sheets. I’ve been searching for educational activities for my preschooler, so I think this would be a great activity for her!

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    • Thanks for reading, Jennifer! Yes, coloring flags would be a great activity for your preschooler. It was a super successful activity for me. I really thought my daughter would just want to color each flag pink – her favorite! 🙂

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