7 Months of Blogging: What I’ve Learned


You are reading my my 30th post! I began my blog as part of a New Year’s resolution to start writing more, and unlike many failed resolutions in the past, I’ve stuck to it!

I’ve always enjoyed writing, but in recent years had not made it a priority. I could blame work and kids, but in reality, I just wasn’t very motivated.

In the past, I’ve also been rather hesitant about sharing my work. Making my writing public and setting a self-imposed deadline to post once a week was the best thing for me to do to help kick-start my writing and my confidence.

After seven months, I am so thankful that I started this blog. It has made me write more than I have in years and taught me much about myself and my goals. 

Seven Months of Blogging.jpg•  It is hard to keep up with it.  For instance, this was supposed to be “What I Have Learned During SIX Months of Blogging,” and by now it is more like 7 1/2 months of blogging!

•  It is time consuming. MUCH more time consuming than I thought it would be. I obsess over every post, every paragraph, every sentence, and every word.

This summer I am starting to realize how much time I am spending writing, revising, and editing, and I am having a harder time balancing writing time with kid time. I’ve been trying to do one new thing a day with the kids (My Experience Trying One New Thing a Day with My Kids), and well, me sitting and writing while they play in the playroom could only be considered new for one day…

•  I don’t have the tech savviness to actually make a living doing this. I barely can figure out how to put a picture in my post. Okay, that’s exaggerating a bit, but when I tried to add the Pinterest button to my photos, it truly was like a 48 hour endeavor.

•  During weeks that I write more, I feel like I’m not as good of a parent. My kids watch more episodes of Lion Guard than is probably good for them and do not get as much of my attention. I am in constant turmoil about this since last year I resigned from teaching to spend more time with them.

However, writing and seeing a completed piece on my blog (or published elsewhere!), gives me a sense of personal satisfaction, which in turn makes me feel more worthwhile and happy. That does make me a better parent.

It’s all about finding a balance, I suppose. Like most things, some weeks I am better at this than others.

•  There is a whole community of bloggers – funny, inspirational, and positive bloggers. I wish I had been more into reading blogs when my children were younger – I would have felt less alone. I may have laughed at my children’s antics a bit more, as well!

•  My priorities have shifted. I know longer care if my house is a mess, and walking through my kitchen pretty much guarantees that you will crunch on something left behind on the floor.  When I have a free moment while the kids are coloring or playing stuffed animal school, I don’t waste it on housework anymore. I write.

•  I write about dinosaurs … a lot.

•  It has made me focus more on the small moments. This is probably the number one reason I will continue blogging. Without making a concerted effort to write, I may never have paid particular attention to my son’s fascination with flowers (Daffodils and Dinos) or noted my daughter glaring daggers at me during library story time (Story Time at the Library).

Ironically, I enjoy and find it easier to write about these smaller moments than the larger, seemingly more significant ones. I feel there is a message here. Something about not letting the little moments pass by. But, I don’t want to be too cliché…

The future of my blog:

I will continue to write.  I enjoy my self-imposed deadlines for the most part, and I like having “work” to do that I enjoy. “Work” that lasts much longer than the floor I cleaned only hours ago but is now covered in a sticky  mess of yogurt.

I will probably slow down on the frequency of my blog posts. My aim is to continue to write weekly, but try to get published more on other sites or publications. I am thrilled that starting my blog also opened up other avenues, and I finally had the courage to send my work out into the unknown to get accepted or rejected. There have been both, and that’s okay.

Lately, there are some ideas swirling in my head and an itch to perhaps start a bigger writing project down the road. I’m not ready to commit to anything yet, but I’m hoping with the return of Fall and a more orderly schedule, I can start writing a bit more seriously again.

But for now, I’m feeling a pull to slow down as the lazy days of summer come to an end. More time is needed to not only soak in the sun, but also bask in the smiles and giggles of two children who I love more than all of the words in the world.


So, a question to my blogger friends: How do you balance your writing and family time? How often do you write a post? Any advice for this blogger who fears she might be losing her motivation?


28 thoughts on “7 Months of Blogging: What I’ve Learned

  1. Congratulations on 7 months! That’s quite a milestone 🙂 Blogging definitely is time consuming and start bordering on obsessive if we’re not careful 😁 Kudos to you for trying to strike a balance!

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  2. Congrats on 30 and 7! Not sure what advice I could give. I always aim to post once a week, but that rarely happens. I sneak in reading other people’s blogs here and there. That’s a bit easier b/c it requires less strain on my mommy brain. 😉

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  3. I loved this! I, for one, am so glad you’re writing this–and lucky that I get to read it. You’ve such a lovely way with words. But–BUT–I can so identify with the time it takes to keep it up. When I started One Vignette I thought I should post every day, and was exhausted (granted, I’ve sort of swung 180 degrees, but I’m trying to get better). You’ll find your balance. In the meantime, keep writing. You were clearly meant to do this.

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  4. I chuckled at what you said about your kids watching their tv show while you blog. It sounds a lot like me! When I am writing, sometimes I let my little ones watch Disney Junior or PBS Kids.

    I love blogging, too. And I am enjoying connecting with other bloggers and creatives. I balance my blogging time early in the morning before my kids wake up, at my baby’s nap time, and a couple of hours after my little ones go to bed. Sometimes I get to work at all three times. Other times it’s one of those times, depending on the day. I also try to reserve weekends for family time. Sometimes I’ll work on my blog when my kids are sleeping and I can stay up late at night.

    I hope you can continue blogging!! Congrats on 7 months!

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      • I was having that problem, too. So what I did was create a schedule of things I needed or wanted to do on my blog/social media sites. This way once I had the kids settled on an independent activity or nap time, I could look at my checklist to help me stay focused. 🙂


  5. All of this is so true. I’ve just started my blog, I post 3 times a week. But I can relate with making me a happier parent. I’ve just learned there are certain times of the day, that I put the phone away, I close the office door, and I’m “off”. It’s hard, but I’m finding more balance this way.


  6. I can relate to this all, especially the “not feeling like a good parent when I write” comment. Im still working on that. Lol it’s been about7 months for me too so enjoy the journey! I’ve been learning sooo much! 🙂


  7. I write usually on my lunch break at work. I don’t do any blog stuff at home since I dont want it to affect family time. I usually have a set day to work on each thing. Posts one day, social media scheduling another lunch break, picture editing another.. etc. I can imagine it is very hard to juggle the blog and children while home all the time. Maybe waking up extra early or working on it when the kids and hubby go to sleep?

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  8. Thank you for sharing this! I think so many can relate! I know that I can definitely relate to the feeling guilty part about not giving my baby as much attention on some days. It really digs at me too. I try to do most of my work before she gets up in the morning for this reason!

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  9. So true that blogging teaches you to notice the little moments! I have decided to only write when my toddler is still asleep in the morning or during his nap time… it’s too frustrating for him to have my attention divided between “life” and the screen when he’s up! I’m trying to post 1-2 times per week right now, but each blog post DOES take a lot of time. A minimum of four hours!

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  10. Oh YES, so time consuming! There is so much more involved than just writing and hitting post (which takes time itself). Congrats on 7 months. A lot of people don’t make it that far!

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  11. Loved the post and have enjoyed reading all of your posts as well. I would never be able to figure out how to make money doing this either! 😜 BUT I love having all the little moments preserved in time to look back on. 💛 That’s what makes it worth it to me, and it sounds like you feel the same way. Keep it up, mama! 😘


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