The Cabbage Patch Doll

Last week, while I was running on the treadmill and trying to avoid looking at the clock, which was ticking the seconds by ever so slowly, my daughter skipped into the room, dragging an old Cabbage Patch doll behind her. During the next twenty minutes, I watched her change the doll’s diaper (five times!), feed her three bottles of milk, take her for a stroller ride through the maze of toys left on the floor, place her in a grocery cart to go “shopping” at the play kitchen, and then tuck her into a cradle and sing her a lullaby.

(Watching all of this was actually more exhausting than running!)Read More »

My Introduction to Being a Soccer Mom


Both of my children recently started their first season of soccer. I approached this venture with a mixture of both dread and excitement. We have dabbled in organized sports in the past, but success continues to elude us.  And by success, I don’t mean wins. I mean happiness, as in we are all happy with the experience. To me, if this doesn’t occur, sports just don’t seem worth it.Read More »