Halloween Memories


I feel like we have had a month of Halloweens already. Seriously. There was the Halloween trick-or-treat at the museum, a Halloween parade, Halloween parties at school, trick-or-treat night in the neighborhood, Halloween story time at the library, and a Halloween party with family. And, it’s not even Halloween yet!

It’s fun to do all of these things with the kids. They are at such a great age – they love dressing up in their costumes, love each and every piece of candy they receive, and love all of the decorations.Read More »

The Overflow:  Ridiculous Things That Don’t Even Make It onto My ‘To Do’ List


It started with the ‘H’ key. Years ago, it somehow broke off the computer keyboard and went missing. After that, in order to make an ‘H’ appear on the screen, I had to forcibly press on the uneven metal parts that became exposed in its absence.  It irritated my fingers and slowed my typing.

My husband said it wasn’t a big deal.  Sure.  No problem at all.  After all it’s only in those minor words like ‘the’ or my name.  Barely used at all!

Of course, I did little to fix this problem.  Every day on my way home from work I passed a sign that boldly proclaimed WE FIX COMPUTERS – CHEAP! I never wrote down the number. Months passed and the ‘H’ key remained missing.Read More »

Life As a Mom on the Playground

We go to playgrounds A LOT.  When my daughter was only months old and my son was I-don’t-listen-to-anyone-and-throw-mulch-at-everyone- years-old, it was not always easy. Sometimes I would leave the playground close to tears, so exhausted from chasing after my son and trying to feed or comfort my daughter at the same time.

As much as the playground was a relief from staying at home and often brought wild cries of delight from my speech delayed son, it was HARD.  It was even harder when there were other parents there – you know, the type that seem to have it all together.Read More »