Life As a Mom on the Playground

We go to playgrounds A LOT.  When my daughter was only months old and my son was I-don’t-listen-to-anyone-and-throw-mulch-at-everyone- years-old, it was not always easy. Sometimes I would leave the playground close to tears, so exhausted from chasing after my son and trying to feed or comfort my daughter at the same time.

As much as the playground was a relief from staying at home and often brought wild cries of delight from my speech delayed son, it was HARD.  It was even harder when there were other parents there – you know, the type that seem to have it all together.

One time, as I was chasing after my son to tell him to keep his hands to himself after he pushed a boy, my daughter’s pacifier dropped to the mulch. Without thinking, I picked it up, wiped it on my jeans, put it in my own mouth to get the remaining dirt off, and stuck it back in her mouth. At the exact moment that I was putting it into her mouth, a mother standing next to the slide offered, “Oh, do you need a pacifier wipe?”

There was an awkward moment as we looked at each other. Obviously, I did not need a pacifier wipe anymore as I had just stopped my daughter’s crying with the germ-infested pacifier. I smiled and said something lame like, “Oh, that’s okay. Thanks!” meanwhile thinking, What the hell is a pacifier wipe? And, Obviously I am a horrible mother for introducing all sorts of germs into my baby’s mouth.

Moments like that used to fluster me and make me realize just how much I was floundering as a parent of two kids under two. Eventually, it got easier, though, and now I can look back at laugh at that moment, and the million other moments similar to that one.


For more on my thoughts on playgrounds, please go read my article up on Her View From Home. Just click on this link:  Will I Miss The Playground Days?

Thanks so much for reading! If you liked it, please feel free to share! And, as always, I love to hear your stories.  What kind of shenanigans have your kids gotten into on the playground? Share below in the comments or head on over to my facebook page (One Mile Smile Blog) and share.


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