Halloween Memories


I feel like we have had a month of Halloweens already. Seriously. There was the Halloween trick-or-treat at the museum, a Halloween parade, Halloween parties at school, trick-or-treat night in the neighborhood, Halloween story time at the library, and a Halloween party with family. And, it’s not even Halloween yet!

It’s fun to do all of these things with the kids. They are at such a great age – they love dressing up in their costumes, love each and every piece of candy they receive, and love all of the decorations.

But, I am beginning to wonder if it is a tad too much.

I feel like each year, I end up doing more and more activities with the kids for each holiday.  Perhaps somewhere in between the pumpkin patch and the scarecrow making at school, I should have said no to some of these? Perhaps, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing?

All I really know is that my kids already had a huge bowl of candy before they even went trick-or-treating. And, the other day as I unpacked my groceries, including the bags of candy I purchased to give out to our neighborhood trick-or-treaters, my children sat stuffing their pre-Halloween candy into their mouths as they looked through the Toys “R” Us Christmas catalog and circled toys they want for Christmas. So it begins.

A History of Halloween


Oh, the joy of having complete say in what your child will be for Halloween. You imagine all sorts of adorable pictures in your head, and then this happens …bumblebeeObviously, my daughter was THRILLED about dressing up for Halloween. My husband and I carried her to couple of houses with my son to trick-or-treat, and this is what she did. We went to a family Halloween party, and this is what she did. A most definite Halloween FAIL.

My son on his first Halloween was somewhat less dramatic.  He really just seemed confused as to why in the world I kept propping him against pumpkins to take pictures.skeleton-boyTHE YEARS OF THE HOMEMADE COSTUMES

Never again. They wouldn’t even look at me for a good picture of all of that hard work!

THE YEAR MY SON DIDN’T LIKE ANY COSTUME EXCEPT LAST YEAR’S COSTUME!pirate-minnieYes, my son was a pirate two years in a row. The second year, his pirate costume was somewhat stained and about a size too small, but he refused to wear the Ninja Turtle costume he insisted on getting when we were in the store. I would act shocked about this, but this is sort of typical for him. He made a pretty cute pirate, though!


Last year was the first year they really started to put it all together. So you mean the more houses we go to the more candy we get?! Let’s go!

Despite the fact that my daughter had been miserably sick all day, she sucked it up to walk the 1.65 miles around our sparsely populated – and extremely hilly – neighborhood.  All for the love of candy.


This year, at ages 4 and 6, they both chose to be cats. I believe it is part of their ongoing campaign to get a real cat. They also made me carve cats onto both of our pumpkins.

They look adorable, but they spend at least 30 minutes just meowing each time they dress up in their costumes. Meowing … and meowing … and meowing.

Without sounding too much like a Grinch, I’m ready to move onto the next holiday. After I help myself to their candy, of course!


I would love to hear some of your favorite Halloween memories – your own or with your kids. Leave a comment below.





4 thoughts on “Halloween Memories

  1. Well written. How has it gotten SO out of control? Sorry ’bout the pink coat thing but, it was cold. By the way, put your spare winter coat and gloves in your car trunk. Winter will be here before you know it.

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