Music Therapy: A Lesson of Hope

Today, I am honored to have a piece published on The HerStories Project titled “The Healing Notes of Song.”  It’s an essay about my experience watching my sister recover from a brain hemorrhage when she was only 14. This experience changed my life in so many ways, including how I raise my own children.

While in the hospital, my sister participated in several music therapy sessions, which I was able to attend with her. The music was often mixed with a great deal of pain and sadness, but mostly there was hope. That hope still resonates with me today. Read More »

4 Signs That My Children Think I Work for Them


This afternoon I raked leaves into a pile, so my children could jump in them. As I sweated in the unusual November heat, I looked over at my son. He was sitting on a nearby rock eating a popsicle and watching me. When he saw me pause in my activity, he immediately gestured behind me and called, “Mom! You missed some!”

Some days, despite my implementation of chores and my animated lectures on responsibility, I feel like my two children think they are my little bosses, ordering me about here and there.Read More »