The Joy of Jumping in Leaves


We live in a wooded area, and in the fall the leaves fall like raindrops. My children gleefully wait for it every year. As soon as it officially turns fall in September, they are anxious to get started on their favorite fall activity.

“When can we jump in the leaves, Mom?”

The wait is endless to a 4 and 6-year-old. Finally, in early November, we have enough leaves to make some good sized piles, and they are overjoyed. Besides simply jumping and throwing leaves into the air, some of their favorite leaf activities include:

Jumping  from a large rock into the leaf pile …

fallpost.3.jpgand sliding down the sliding board into a leaf pile …


Unfortunately, at this point, their favorite leaf activities do NOT include helping me rake them or using the leaf blower. All in good time. All in good time.

Due to their love of leaves and contagious happiness, I was inspired to write Here’s Why You Should Let Your Kids Jump In Leaf Piles for Her View From Home. I would love if you checked it out. After giving it a read, come back and tell me what your kids’ favorite fall activity is.

Here are two of my favorite pictures of my kids having fun in the leaves. Although, my daughter actually looks quite skeptical! She was about 9-months here and it took her forever to warm up to anything! We used to call her “environmentally sensitive”!

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7 thoughts on “The Joy of Jumping in Leaves

  1. This really is a great reminder, Sarah. It’s things like this too that remind me to stay present and sometimes just go with the flow of my children and their curiousity. I appreciate your genuineness in your writing, friend! Keep it up!

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