Snowed in with Kids and Cookies

Ikidsinsnow.jpgIt snowed and then rained, so we are delightfully stuck at home for the moment as the driveway and roads are still an icy mess. The ice will melt soon as the temperatures rise, but I am just enjoying a morning of having nowhere we need to go and nothing we really need to do.Read More »

25 Days of Christmas Fun

holidaybucketlistI’m going to be trying to do one different Christmas activity a day with my kids this month. I did something similar this summer by trying one new thing a day. (You can read about it HERE).  It was fun (and exhausting) to do something new each day with the kids, but it definitely made me be more present and enjoy just being with my kids.

The holidays can get a little overwhelming with all of the present buying and money spending, so I’m going to try to finish my shopping early and then keep it simple. My kids are 4 and 6, so it’s a fun age to do all of the little things that make the season so special.Read More »