25 Days of Christmas Fun

holidaybucketlistI’m going to be trying to do one different Christmas activity a day with my kids this month. I did something similar this summer by trying one new thing a day. (You can read about it HERE).  It was fun (and exhausting) to do something new each day with the kids, but it definitely made me be more present and enjoy just being with my kids.

The holidays can get a little overwhelming with all of the present buying and money spending, so I’m going to try to finish my shopping early and then keep it simple. My kids are 4 and 6, so it’s a fun age to do all of the little things that make the season so special.

I also like the idea of spreading out the activities all month, where usually I wait until the week before Christmas and have to do all the Christmas things at once.

We’ve already picked out the tree and decorated, so here’s my plan for the 25 days of Christmas (in no particular order):

  1. Make a Christmas ornament for the tree
  2. Watch a Christmas movie
  3. Wrap presents
  4. Drink hot chocolate
  5. Make cookies
  6. Visit Santa
  7. Attend a holiday story time at the library
  8. Go Christmas shopping
  9. Decorate a gingerbread house or make gingerbread men
  10. Decorate the house
  11. Read a Christmas book
  12. Make paper snowflakes … add glitter, of course!
  13. Make a Christmas countdown chain out of construction paper
  14. Donate a toy
  15. Sing Christmas carols
  16. Make a Christmas craft
  17. Send Christmas cards
  18. Color in a Christmas coloring book
  19. Write a letter to Santa
  20. Go to a Holiday party at school
  21. Play a Christmas game: hide candy canes in the yard and have the kids hunt for them like Easter eggs
  22. Go to a holiday light display
  23. Surprise someone with a gift
  24. Attend a family Christmas party
  25. Open presents!!!

I’ll be documenting our Christmas fun on Facebook and Instagram, so follow along for the fun.

Facebook: One Mile Smile

Instagram: onemilesmileblog

What are some of your favorite Christmas activities to do with your kids? I might need to revise my list and add some!







18 thoughts on “25 Days of Christmas Fun

  1. Aww this is such a cute list! And I like how you coloured it red and green 😉

    The activities I like are: Drink hot chocolate, Donate a toy, Make a Christmas craft

    It’s great to be organised, and checking off a list. Maybe I should do that for myself this year 🙂


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