Snowed in with Kids and Cookies

Ikidsinsnow.jpgIt snowed and then rained, so we are delightfully stuck at home for the moment as the driveway and roads are still an icy mess. The ice will melt soon as the temperatures rise, but I am just enjoying a morning of having nowhere we need to go and nothing we really need to do.

My children are outside chopping ice with shovels. They are happy. Ridiculously happy.

My husband is still in his pajamas sitting in front of the wood stove. He is happy.

I made cookie dough this morning and just hopped off the treadmill in anticipation of all of the sugar cookies I plan to eat tonight. I am happy. Ridiculously happy. I love the snow. I love my family. I love making cookies.

Making sugar cookies with my mom is one of my most cherished Christmas memories from my childhood. I can’t wait to break out the cookie cutters and sprinkles this afternoon and create new memories with my own children.

I was so pleased to have the opportunity to write about this tradition, along with the memories of my mother, over on Only a Season.  And, the lovely Gloryanna had such sweet things to say about me and my writing!  You are sure to find positive vibes in her little corner of the online world. Click HERE to read the essay.

I would love to hear what some of your favorite childhood holiday memories. Comment below!



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