Hot Chocolate Party for One: Conversations with My Son about School

hotchocolate.jpgMy son tells me very little about how he spends his half-day of kindergarten. However, once in a while, a clue to his day slips out at an unexpected time, and I immediately pounce:

Son: Do you see my face? (He proudly points to a brown smudge around his mouth and smiles slyly.) Do you think it’s dirt?

Me: Hmmm? Maybe …Read More »

Digging in Dirt

excavating2My children love to be outside. My son learned to walk on the rocky, uneven hills of our woods, and my daughter scampers over rocks and boulders as easily as she can hop into bed. They much prefer to be outdoors than indoors, and on cold and rainy days, they stare longingly out the windows until I relent and release them back into the wild.Read More »