The Brown Egg


Last Saturday, my children ran around with some neighborhood children they know from the bus stop.  While exploring their backyard, my kids were delighted to see they had a chicken coop.

After meeting the chickens, one of the boys gave my daughter a brown egg to take home. She beamed and held out her hand carefully to accept the fragile gift.Read More »

The Percentage of Love

kindleeditOn long trips, my six-year-old son plays dinosaur games on his Kindle. As dinosaurs race and roar across the screen, he also keeps a close watch on the battery power.

From the back seat, I occasionally hear an announcement stating the percentage of battery power remaining. As the number declines, his voice gets louder, more frantic:  77% … 52% … 40% … 25%! Read More »

That Time We Dabbled in PG Movies

popcorn2editFriday evening, the kids, my husband, and I all settled down on the sofa with blankets, snacks, and a movie. Tired of cartoons and with recent successful viewings of Dolphin Tale, Wizard of Oz, and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, I perused the Netflix “Family” section and settled on Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.

At first, the kids were fascinated with the concept and kept asking, “When are they going to shrink? When are they going to shrink?” They were in awe of the possibility of a cookie bigger than themselves and found the idea of being smaller than a Lego hilarious.Read More »

Letters from My Aunt


My great aunt passed away last month. I hadn’t seen her in years, but we remained connected through the mail. Yes, actual pen to paper cards and notes sent via the United States Postal Service. In a world where texts, tweets, and Facebook updates are more of the norm, I treasured the moments I opened the mailbox to find a brightly colored envelope addressed to me.Read More »