What My Daughter and I Love about Moana

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Songs from the movie Moana have been bouncing around my head for months. Immediately after seeing it in November, my kids and I were watching songs on YouTube and then buying the soundtrack.

My daughter memorized the lyrics quickly and can often be found standing on the sofa, which she pretends is a boat, and belting out “We Know the Way.” I smile when I hear her sing, “We know where we are,/ We know who we are.” I hope she carries that strong confidence in who she is and where she is from throughout the years.

On Tuesday, we purchased the DVD, and now that I have watched the movie again, I have even more to love about it.  Here are a few of the other lyrics from the movie that I hope prove to be inspirational to my daughter:

“The people you love will change you/ The things you have learned will guide you/And nothing on Earth can silence/ The quiet voice still inside you.” (“I Am Moana“)

Oh, how I love this piece of advice given by Moana’s grandmother. I hope my daughter always listens to her “quiet voice” inside of her. I know she will be tested over time, but it is so important to remain true to yourself.

For years, my quiet voice kept whispering, “Write!” and I ignored it. However, for the past year, I let that voice get louder and louder, and here I am blogging each week and getting a few essays published here and there. The best part? It has made me happy. Fulfilled a part of me I didn’t know was missing.

“… there’s just no telling how far I’ll go.” (“How Far I’ll Go”)

The possibilities are endless. I hope my dear daughter always realizes this about life.

“There comes a day/ when you’re gonna look around and realize happiness is where you are.” (“Where You Are”)

We all go looking for happiness at some point. However, happiness can often be found in the simple things around you – your family, your home, a cup of tea, a good book. I love to travel and adventure, and I get antsy if it has been awhile since I have. However, that feeling of coming home is one of the best feelings I know.

I want my daughter to seek happiness wherever she goes but never forget that there is often happiness in the right now – at this very minute, even in the simplest of things – if you look hard enough.


I could go on, (I love the soundtrack that much), but, instead, here are a few thoughts from my five-year-old. According to my daughter, this is why she likes Moana:

“She’s adventurous!”  I love this response because I am constantly organizing “adventures” for my kids. Whether it is a walk through the woods, splashing in a creek, or stopping at a new park, I want them to understand that anything can be seen as a new adventure if you look at it the right way.

“She makes me remember the blue, wide ocean that’s so pretty.” Well, this is just adorable. But, seriously, I, too, am drawn to the ocean, and I love that my girl appreciates it, and many other aspects of nature, too. I also love her tendency to get poetic about it.


At one point in the movie, Maui, a reluctant companion to Moana on her journey, calls her a princess. Moana defiantly says she is not. He replies, “If you wear a dress and have an animal sidekick, you’re a princess.”

My daughter is slightly obsessed with the Disney princesses and can often be seen pretending to dance at a ball or marry a prince. So, I LOVE the fact that she loves Moana, a girl who does none of these things.

Instead Moana goes on adventures, values her community, shows her strength, does not give up, and loves her family. More importantly, she finds happiness and contentment within herself by doing what she wants and not what anyone else wants of her.

I found this article from the Washington Post interesting – Moana’ has something insightful to say about the whole ‘Disney princess’ thing. The author makes a case for how Maui’s line about princesses creates a new working definition of Disney princesses – one that basically erases any qualifiers. You just need a sidekick and a dress.

I can live with that definition of princess. My daughter can dream and dance along with Cinderella, but when it comes to real life, I would rather her role model be more like Moana – even if her sidekick is a ridiculous chicken!

Moana. Directed by Ron Clements and John Musker, Disney, 2017. DVD.




21 thoughts on “What My Daughter and I Love about Moana

  1. I one million percent agree! My daughter is princess obsessed, but the best part of Moana is that she is an independent princess. She is strong and relies upon herself to complete her mission and save her people. Moana is the best! And the soundtrack…LOVE!

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  2. -“The people you love will change you/ The things you have learned will guide you/And nothing on Earth can silence/ The quiet voice still inside you.” (“I Am Moana“)-

    ^ that right there is all the reason in the world I need to watch this with my family. What a beautiful message.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I absolutely LOVE Moana! My husband downloaded it for me a while ago because I couldn’t make it to the movies with my son and him… but we have legit watched it at least 4 times a week for the last 6 weeks! ❤ LOVE all of the songs so so so much!


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