When Your Daughter Doesn’t Understand What It Means to WIN LIKE A GIRL

lydia.attitude.jpgJust look at my girl! She is something else. I posted this picture on Instagram and someone commented that they loved her attitude. I do, too. But, only on the field. Not at home or in the car or at the grocery store …

Seriously though, I really do love how tough and determined she can be. Even if it does mean we butt heads once in a while.

We are in the midst of spring soccer season, and my daughter is loving it! On the morning of her first game this spring, she was up and dressed in her uniform and shin guards at 7 a.m. Her game wasn’t until 11:30!

I recently wrote a piece for Mamalode about my daughter’s introduction to soccer during the fall, and her confusion when I bought her a shirt that said:  WIN LIKE A GIRL. Then, there was my confusion when I had to explain to her what WIN LIKE A GIRL meant. In fact, I may still be confused …

I would love it if you clicked over to it and gave it a read. Here’s the link: Win Like a Girl.

Author’s Note:  I’ve been having some recent success with getting my essays published other places besides here on my blog, but this one means a lot. When I first started my blog in January 2016, I tried to get published on Mamalode without much success. 

After being rejected by a publication, it is hard for me to get the nerve to submit something again. I’m always imagining an eye-rolling editor sighing, “Not her again!” But, I sent in something again, and here it is! It feels pretty good to see it up on the site. And, of course, it would feel even better if you read it!

Win Like a Girlsoccer girls.jpg***

Tell me about your experiences with introducing your kids to sports. Successes? Failures? Any learning moments? Leave me a comment! I would love to hear from you.



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