Cold Dinner and Conversations with My Son

sawyerlooking.jpgAt 9:30 p.m., over a plate of cold steak and carrot sticks, my son tells me that a girl at school spit on him.

“What?! Why?” I ask.

He shrugs and continues to chew a piece of steak.

“Did you tell the teacher?”

“Of course!” he replies. ‘Of course’ is his new favorite phrase and his response to just about anything. He crunches a carrot and continues, “The teacher wiped me off, so I didn’t get any germs.”

He switches to a new topic and starts to express outrage over the fact that his stuffed animal spider, Spinner, does not have fangs. If he does not have fangs, how can he eat? This question has caused many sleepless nights recently.

I’m still stuck on his spitting story. Someone spit on my boy! I’m outraged and horrified and sad. I’m also intensely curious about what else happened during his day that I do not know about. Hours ago when I asked him to tell me about his school day, he had only stared at me blankly. There were no stories of spitting and gym teachers having to de-germ him.

This is why when my son comes out of his room at 9:30 p.m. (a good hour after I tucked him in!) and tells me that his tummy is rumbling, I usually let him skip his way over to the dining room table where the plate of food he refused to eat earlier waits for him.

Yes, I know this is not helping any of the problems I spend much of my time complaining about. This does not solve his picky eating habits, and this definitely does not solve his current sleep issues.

BUT, this seems to be the only time when his stories tend to surface. In a dimly lit dining room without the distractions of a chatterbox sister, a million plastic dinosaurs, or the television, he fills in some of the blanks.

It is not ideal that this occurs hours after bedtime over a plate of food he refused to eat with the rest of the family, and I still don’t always get all of the details. Why, oh, why would someone spit on my son!?

However, I do treasure these moments. During his “midnight snack,” grateful for the attention and the reprieve from his bedroom, my son is a little softer around the edges. When I finally walk him back to his room, he gives me a big hug and tells me, “Thanks, Mama. My heart is full of love for you.”

How can I possibly say no when he comes out of his room tonight?


Anyone else struggle with kids and bedtime? What is your kids latest bedtime delay tactic? My kids have clearly fine tuned their skills! Master Bedtime Delayers!


8 thoughts on “Cold Dinner and Conversations with My Son

  1. Lovely story, except for the spitting experience. Thank you for writing the story. My son is four and half. He usually goes to bed at 8. Many days, he falls asleep at 10. 😀 If we are lucky he falls asleep by 8:30. I think, for my son, it all depends on how much rest he got during the day time in the daycare. About surfacing stories, yes, bedtime is a great time when he gives us a glimpse of his day. We sometimes have many questions but he does not care to answer them and moves from one topic to another. Have a wonderful weekend!

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    • I’m really hoping it’s one of those nights my son falls asleep right away … it’s been a looooong day. Hope you are having a good wkend. I just read your latest blog post … hope the week day chore thing is making it a little more relaxing! 🙂

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      • Good luck! We were lucky this evening. Ours fas just fallen asleep 😴 . About the weekday chore thing, we were able to do a few things today together including some gardening work. Have a wonderful evening.

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  2. My comment comes late, but what a wise and wonderful post this was. I support you fully in letting go of things like “clean your plate” in exchange for those fleeting confidences and precious quiet moments. I, too, am sorry to hear about the spitting. My daughter was a spitter at age 4. I ended up making more than one apology call. The other parents were all very kind, but it was very embarrassing. :-\

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  3. Omg yes to the avoiding bedtime! My oldest is almost 4 and EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. he gets out of bed because he “needs” a snack. No kid. Go back to bed. He also can never decide between sleeping in the room with me or with his Nana (we live with my mom and currently I share a room with our boys until we have remodeling done!) there is always a reason he needs to get up.

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    • I feel you! Whenever I think it is getting better – it gets worse. He was up and about until close to 11pm last night! My husband says, “We need to seriously talk to him about this!” I told him GOOD LUCK with that! Nothing seems to work! I feel summer is going to be even worse because we will be on less of a routine.


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