A Letter to My Children’s Teachers

backtoschool.jpgDear Teachers, My kids are so excited to start school this year. Really! My daughter wore her book bag around the house for a week prior to her first day of kindergarten.  And my son? Months before entering first grade he started planning the lunches he wanted to put in his new dinosaur lunch box.  And the fact that he will have recess this year? Words just cannot express his feelings. 

I’m excited, too! I can’t wait to volunteer in the classroom and work with you to help my children succeed in school this year.

However, you should know that despite our excitement, there will be a few bumps in the road.  We’ve had a wild summer, and settling into a routine will be difficult. In fact, there may be several behaviors that might make you think less of my kids in the first few weeks of school. These behaviors might even might even make you think less of ME as a parent – especially when you realize that I will NOT be apologizing for many of these behaviors. 

I’m NOT sorry that my son is going to have a hard time sitting still during the first few weeks of school. You see, this summer he rarely sat still. He was too busy running, climbing rocks, swimming, and riding bikes. He is such a curious, hands-on kid, and being still is NOT something that comes naturally to him. Although his limbs may have forgotten how to fold into his chair, please know that he is eager to learn.

I’m NOT sorry that my daughter will likely come to school on most days with her hair a tangled mess. You see, this summer we didn’t really have too much time to worry about how we looked. The tears and the drama that came along with nicely brushed hair just weren’t worth it. I also know that there will be way too many days in the near future that what her hair looks like and what she is wearing will be ALL she can think about. I’m just going to postpone that as long as possible.

I’m NOT sorry that my kids will be coming to school in shorts with grass stains, pockets full of acorns and rocks, and muddy shoes. You see, we walk 1/4 mile to the bus, and my kids are used to exploring nature. This summer they spent more time outside than inside. They threw rocks in lakes, slid down boulders, built forts in the back yard, and continued their quest to unearth dinosaur fossils in my front yard. They want to continue to do ALL of this during our ten minute walk to the bus stop. They really do start the morning in nice, clean clothes, but who am I to stop them when they find a worm or want to try to smash open an acorn? They are continually curious about the world around them, and I want to nurture that, not squash it. And, seriously, who can resist a good mud puddle!?


I’m NOT sorry that my daughter might spend the first few weeks of school looking out the window and up at the clouds. You see, this summer we slowed down and just watched the sky some days. We used our imaginations not electronics. We studied the clouds and saw fluffy white ducks swimming in lakes, kittens chasing balls of yarn, and dinosaurs escaping volcanoes. Don’t worry though. She’ll soon discover that what is happening on the board and on her papers is equally fascinating. She will soon understand that letters and words will allow her to use her imagination in ways that she never dreamed possible.

I’m sure there will be many others things that come up that I’m NOT sorry about. However, please understand that my kids LOVE school and can’t wait to learn. Be assured that my kids will be polite and respectful and eager to learn. Know that I am at home supporting your work in any way I can. We’ve just been learning a whole different way this summer, a way that does not necessarily fit into a traditional classroom. A way that I hope will produce lifetime lovers of learning. 

I hope you understand that the best students are going to get a little bit of both worlds. My kids will climb mountains, ride trails, and look up at the sky to dream, but they will still need someone to pull them back down from those clouds and teach them the ways they can go about achieving those dreams. You have the difficult, frustrating, and fantastic job of making that happen.

And for that, I thank you.

8 thoughts on “A Letter to My Children’s Teachers

    • My son is so excited to have recess this year in first grade … kindergarten is only half day in our district and last year it was all business … No recess. No snack time. It was a hard adjustment for him! Now, that he is at school full day, he definitely needs recess time. His teacher seems to give them little “movement” breaks throughout the day where they do little dance and exercise videos, too. I can’t imagine getting the kids to sit still all day without that! 🙂


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