Report Cards and Kindness

My son came home with his first grade report card last week, and I am thrilled. He loves school, and his grades demonstrate just how hard he works.

I was, of course, interested to see how he is doing in math, language arts, science, and social studies, but I am most proud of the tiny plus signs indicating that he exceeds expectations in the following:  Demonstrates respect with words and actions, Accepts responsibility for behavior, and Willing to try new ideas/skills.

20171114_221009In a way I feel that these are my grades. I’m on my way to raising a good human, and here is my proof.

I wrote about his grades on his kindergarten report card last year in an article recently published on Parent CoThe Most Important Grade on the Kindergarten Report Card.

I was very excited to have this one published because in the essay I try to relay something I think cannot be stated enough:  kindness matters.

What grades were you most happy to see on your kids’ report cards?