Dieting With Kids

scalerevisedLast year, I committed to losing weight and being healthier. This is something I have done on and off for most of my adult life. This time, however, it seems to have stuck. I’m down 25 pounds and have been able to maintain that loss through the holiday season and winter, where apparently all I really wanted to do was eat heaping mounds of buttery mashed potatoes and bake cookies. Lots and lots of cookies!Read More »

Lessons from Kindergarten

booksNext week, I register my little girl for kindergarten! I can’t believe it. My son currently attends kindergarten, so I’ve been thinking a lot about what the year will hold for her … and me.

One of my favorite things about this year has been watching my son learn to read. We are currently in the early stages, but it really is quite magical watching it all come together. Read More »

Thoughts During My Son’s Bloody Nose

nixonparkrevisedAll was calm in the house.  The kids were watching television, and I was trying to do some writing when I heard a yelp, a cry of distress, and then a “Mommmmmmaaaaaa!”

I jumped up and ran out of the office to see my son running toward me with blood gushing out of his nose. Before he reached me, he held his hand to his nose to check and see if it was still bleeding and then flapped his hands in horror when he saw blood. Of course, this sent blood flying all over the downstairs carpet.Read More »

The Brown Egg


Last Saturday, my children ran around with some neighborhood children they know from the bus stop.  While exploring their backyard, my kids were delighted to see they had a chicken coop.

After meeting the chickens, one of the boys gave my daughter a brown egg to take home. She beamed and held out her hand carefully to accept the fragile gift.Read More »

The Percentage of Love

kindleeditOn long trips, my six-year-old son plays dinosaur games on his Kindle. As dinosaurs race and roar across the screen, he also keeps a close watch on the battery power.

From the back seat, I occasionally hear an announcement stating the percentage of battery power remaining. As the number declines, his voice gets louder, more frantic:  77% … 52% … 40% … 25%! Read More »