Published Work

The Sunlight Press:

A Book Full of Words  (September 2017) 

The Most Important Grade on the Kindergarten Report Card (October 2017)

“What Sending Your Kid to Kindergarten Can Teach You” (March 2017)

“6 Reasons to Get Excited About Watching the Olympics with Kids” (July 2016)

“4 Things to Love About Taking Your Kids to a NASCAR Race” (June 2016)

“Five Things My Kids Learned When I Ran a 5K” ( May 2016)

Mothers Always Write:

Forgotten Flowers (May 2017)

Snow Angels (December 2016)

Coloring Outisde the Lines (April 2016)


Win Like a Girl (April 2017)

 Her View From Home:

Tea With My Mother (2016)

To My Daughter: It’s Ok To Cry (2016)

My Boy of Endless Questions (2016)

Will I Miss The Playground Days? (October 2016)

Here’s Why You Should Let Your Kids Jump In Leaf Piles (November 2016)

Shhhh … Don’t Tell the Kids I’m on a Diet! (April 2017)

The Her Story Project:

HerStories Voices: The Healing Notes of Song (November 2016)

Tribe Magazine:

Don’t Give Up! Eating Out with Kids Gets Easier (April 2017)


I Held My Son Back From Kindergarten Because I Didn’t Want Him To Get Lost In The System (2016)

Christian Science Monitor:

The Family Weather Forecast (2009)