Kindergarten Back-to-School Night

After many years of participating in Back-to-School night as a teacher, tonight I attended for the first time as a parent. While surrounded by alphabet posters, new crayons, and other anxious parents, I contemplated my new, unfamiliar role as a parent of a school-aged child. Because of my interactions with some over-zealous parents during Back-to-School nights in the past, at least I knew how not to act as a parent.

I ran through my mental checklist: Do not ask tons of questions in front of the group that really only pertain to my child. Do not interrupt every point the teacher makes to relate it back to my own child. Definitely do not corner the teacher at the end of her very long day to outline the life history of my child.  Read More »

7 Months of Blogging: What I’ve Learned

You are reading my my 30th post! I began my blog as part of a New Year’s resolution to start writing more, and unlike many failed resolutions in the past, I’ve stuck to it!

I’ve always enjoyed writing, but in recent years had not made it a priority. I could blame work and kids, but in reality, I just wasn’t very motivated.

In the past, I’ve also been rather hesitant about sharing my work. Making my writing public and setting a self-imposed deadline to post once a week was the best thing for me to do to help kick-start my writing and my confidence.

After seven months, I am so thankful that I started this blog. It has made me write more than I have in years and taught me much about myself and my goals.  Read More »